Position your business with...

Marketing that is heart-centred, authentic and feels good...

Truly resonate with your audience and thrive!

Marketing and advertising no longer works how it use to...

We can no longer rely on "shouting" at people through advertising in the hope they will purchase.


Things are changing. And this change is gaining momentum as more and more people 'wake up' and propel us into the next era.


An era being led by a growing number of people who have been over-advertised to and who now demand respect; responsibility, transparency and businesses with an aligned purpose and values.


An exciting era where it's no longer about the message but about the meaning 💕.


An era where businesses need to be guided by their hearts to make an impact, be generous and offer real value to be trusted. 


As a business, you need to position yourself on the right side of this change otherwise you will struggle to stay relevant and be trusted. 


You need to be unique, valuable and meaningful.


You need to have a heart-led purpose and values woven into every fibre of your business. A purpose that excites you and brings you joy. This will radiate out to your people. 


This is your marketing.


So is your business positioned on the right side of this change?

The Authentic Marketing Strategy Online Course:

Proven  |  Authentic  |  Affordable  |  For Sole Traders & Small Businesses

Stop relying on advertising and manipulative techniques to get customers. Learn effective strategies that make your story travel, create deeper connections and long-term loyalty, essential for today’s era filled with clutter and the race for attention…

  • Learn how to create a powerful marketing strategy that resonates with your audience and positions your business to thrive, giving you more chance of achieving fulfilment, financial abundance and freedom you so desire....plus it's more likely you'll enjoy the journey of being 'in business'. 

  • Feel good about the marketing you do with authentic and meaningful strategies, not pushy or manipulative sales tactics. Instead feel uplifted, excited and enjoy a renewed sense of direction. 

  • Connect with an experienced marketing coach throughout the course. The more insights you get on how you can apply the learnings to your business, the more likely you will create amazing marketing and the business of your dreams! 

Why I am so excited about and invested in what I do... 


It's effective & ethical!

Showing you how:


Specific to small businesses & sole traders:


Marketing shouldn't be about creating hype or being pushy, real marketing is about being unique, meaningful and relevant to cut through the clutter, create a competitive edge, loyal customers and long-term growth. By having a strategy that you love and that people will get on board with, you will be far less reliant on advertising and persuasive tactics.

You won’t just be told what a specific strategy is and why it’s important, you’ll be given insight generating exercises and guidance on how you can implement each strategy with confidence in your small business.

Where most degree-qualified marketers spend their careers in large corporations - since I graduated I have spent the majority of my career working with small businesses with small budgets - pushing me to think outside the box and make every dollar count. All the strategies used are relevant to New Zealand small businesses. 

Holding purpose at the heart of business...

Born from the frustration of the lack of ethics in my industry and seeing so many small businesses struggle to resonate with their market or grapple with the fear of being sales-y, I set out to create a way to help business owners create meaningful, valuable and relevant marketing.


Changes in technology, new generations making an impact, the shift in consciousness and a scarcity of trust are affecting everything we do in marketing and advertising. We can no longer keep doing marketing the way we have always done it - it just no longer works as it did. 


I am so excited about showing business owners purposeful and heart-felt businesses are a thousand times more fulfilling than just being in business. I work hard to help them consciously create valuable and meaningful businesses and show how extraordinary they are in their marketing - and anyone can do this, no matter the product or service. 💕

“Doing Libby's course was awesome. I had started my business, so I was already stuck in the grind, but it made me take a step back as to why I was doing what I was doing. And then more focus on my lane, rather than try to please everybody. So, it gave me massive clarity. It’s really powerful! I now have way more direction, I definitely know the message I’m trying to say and who I am trying to say it to. I feel way happier, more content and more in control.”


Lou Forward

ForwardFit Women Specific Fitness

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May 30, 2019

What position do you hold in the minds of your customers?

Think of it like this. No one is the best at what you do.

They might claim they are the best in the market, but at what? 🧐

It’s more likely they are saying they are the fastest, cheapest or have the best service.

(Many businesses get caught up in competing for who’s the cheapest; it's a race to the bottom. Don’t fall for that...

May 13, 2019

Much has changed over the years. We have all been over-advertised too, particularly in Facebook. If you think Facebook is a good avenue for your audience, then my advice is to run some test campaigns first. Here's how...

March 3, 2019

There is an extraordinary amount of change happening in the way we "do business" and exponentially more about to happen. So how do we consciously prepare for how this will affect our businesses and position ourselves on the right side of this change? If you had a glimpse of the future your business operates in …what do you think you might see?

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