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Boost your small business...

With the magic of authentic marketing

Cut through the clutter, resonate with your audience, and thrive!

Small Business Marketing Packages...

Get your marketing done for you...

Relax. With an expert marketer doing your marketing for you, you can focus on the other ninety-three thousand tasks on your list!


At Thrive we use authentic direct marketing which is about building trust and driving action; we know what to say that connects with your audience and creates action.

Whether you need a website, flyer, brochure, social media, ad, marketing plan or you have no idea where to start - we've got you!

If you just don't have the time to do your own marketing, this is your way forward...

Marketing Coaching & Programmes...

Learn how to do your own marketing...

Learn the secrets to creating effective marketing so your story travels creating deeper connections and long-term customer loyalty

Marketing coaching, workshops, and courses in...

  • Marketing foundations; Creating a powerful marketing strategy (target marketing, point of difference, building trust, leveraging your story, shaping your purpose, mission, vision and values

  • How-to workshops: writing website content, flyers, ads, Facebook marketing, creating a flyer/brochure that works, google ads and SEO basics, Facebook ads, email marketing, and more!


If you're looking for an affordable way to make your marketing work, click the link below.

A wee bit different from the rest...

Feel good about your marketing and thrive!


Being authentic feels better:

Gain knowledge for life:


Expert in small business marketing:


Marketing shouldn't be about creating hype or being pushy. Real marketing is about being unique and meaningful to cut through the clutter, create loyal customers, and long-term growth. And by having an effective strategy you will be far less reliant on costly advertising and manipulative tactics. Win!

You won’t just be told what a specific strategy is and why it’s important, you’ll be given templates and guidance on how you can implement each marketing strategy with confidence in your small business.

Where most marketers spend their careers in large corporations, Libby has spent the majority of her 20+ year career working with small businesses with small budgets - pushing her to think outside the box and make every dollar - and word - count; knowledge she will share with you as your marketing coach.

My Story

Holding purpose at the heart of business...

Born from the frustration of the lack of ethics in my industry and seeing so many small businesses struggle to resonate with their market or grapple with the fear of being too sales-y, I set out to help business owners create meaningful, relevant and effective marketing - simply and authentically.


Marketing and advertising no longer work as they did. We have all been overadvetised to which has resulted in a scarcity of trust.


As a Marketing Coach, I help small business owners create valuable marketing that cuts through the clutter and gets them heard amongst the noise."

Free Templates and Step-by-Step Marketing Guides

“Doing Libby's course was awesome. I had started my business, so I was already stuck in the grind, but it made me take a step back as to why I was doing what I was doing. And then more focus on my lane, rather than try to please everybody. So, it gave me massive clarity. It’s really powerful! I now have way more direction, I definitely know the message I’m trying to say and who I am trying to say it to. I feel way happier, more content and more in control.”


Lou Forward

ForwardFit Women Specific Fitness

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