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About Thrive Marketing

Hi, I'm Libby,

I have always loved marketing but I became a bit fed up with my industry and I no longer wanted to add to the clutter and abundant BS that saturates our screens and marketplace. Not only is a lot of it unethical, it feels yuck! And often puts us off marketing altogether.


Instead, I wanted to be an active part of the solution, creating a better world for the humans I love and the planet we share. 🌏


So in 2014, I started Thrive Marketing because I wanted to make a stand for authentic marketing that resonates with our people. 

Five years on and I am unbelievably passionate about my purpose with Thrive, to teach small business owners that creating a purposeful and heart-centered business is a thousand times more fulfilling than just being in business 💕. My mission is to inspire, educate and support business owners to create meaningful, purposeful, heart-led businesses that authentically serve and resonate with a specific group of people and show how extraordinary they are in their marketing 🙌.

From as early as I could remember I have seen small and new businesses struggle to market themselves effectively with limited budgets and knowledge and I desperately wanted to help them gain the knowledge they needed to be successful and make a difference in their business (and therefore their communities).


This is more possible than ever before which is incredibly exciting and I am so excited and grateful 🙏 to have space and knowledge to help people in one of life's greatest opportunities for development, starting and growing a small business. 💪

Libby Evans Thrive Marketing

Early morning selfie of the Evans Family 🤗

Libby Evans from Thrive Marketing

Writing away

at my desk.

You can’t cut through the clutter if you don’t resonate with your audience...


If your business lacks a heart at the core, a passionate purpose or a point of difference, then it's likely you will struggle to resonate with your audience. You’ll then be forced to rely on persuasion and promotional tactics to try and convince and convert customers to join your business.


These tactics are not only becoming more costly and far less effective in a noisy market but they can get in the way of building real trust and creating deeper connections and long-term loyal customers. 


I believe the right knowledge can be incredibly powerful. So rather than getting someone to design your marketing strategy for you, understanding the fundamental elements now can help set you up for a more successful business in the future.

Small business marketing workshops nz

A group of small business owners creating together an Authentic Marketing Strategy Workshop 🥰

Feeling good about the marketing you do…🥰


One thing I feel really strongly about is marketing doesn’t have to be filled with hype or be pushy or manipulative. In fact, most of us are really put off by a lot of these techniques, growth hacks and questionable promises. So it often does more harm than good, especially in the long-run.


But there is another consequence of this. Many self-employed people or business owners feel that by doing any marketing at all, they could be perceived as being too pushy or sales-y and so it feels outside their comfort zone.


But there are some incredibly effective marketing strategies that are ethical and provide true value to customers, creating deeper connections, loyalty and sustainable growth. And it's so important that you get excited about your marketing, that what you are doing is uplifting and energising. If you show your excitement and passion in your marketing people this will radiate out to your people helping you create the business you desire. 

Things are changing so meaningful marketing is becoming more important than ever…


Advertising is becoming much less effective and distrusted. And marketing doesn’t work like it use too either. I believe these changes are gaining more momentum lately and there will be a tipping point. You need to be an ethical purpose-led business to thrive when these changes become more than just ‘nice to have’. For some, the basis of this is already there, you might just need a little guidance on how to communicate this. For others, it will be time to start asking yourself some hard questions. But it will be worth it. Are you ready for the changes?

How we can work together...


Whether you’ve got an existing business or you’re working on a new business idea, I can help guide you create a powerful, authentic and relevant marketing strategy. We can work together in a coaching capacity (in person or online) or check out the online marketing course here. Or, I can do your marketing for you.

My background...


  • I have been a marketing coach and consultant since 2014.

  • I have a Bachelor of Business in Marketing & Advertising, Grad Dip in Business, Certificates in Management and Social Media.

  • I have spent over 120 days in personal development workshops and courses and spiritual development is a big part of my life; I am a conscious creator and long-time student of consciousness. 

  • I have worked with large FMCG, utilities, finance and healthcare organisations but I’m most proud of the countless small businesses and community organisations that I have helped in my 20-year marketing career so far. 

  • I have always volunteered my time with non-profits and community organisations and nowadays my focus is on supporting change through awakening consciousness.

  • Alongside raising our 2 kids, my husband and I are co-founders of a tech start-up which won a Supreme Award at the Northland Business Ideas competition in 2017 and a finalist for the Innovation category at Northland Business Excellence Awards in 2018. We continue to work with our own mentors, coaches and in business incubation programs to develop it further. 

By having a purpose, being unique, valuable, relevant and resonating with your market...

  • You can reach the people that matter

  • You can win peoples undivided attention and be authentic

  • You can have an impact on people’s lives

  • You can be a leader in your industry, no matter where you are or how small your business is

  • You can build the lifestyle you desire through your business

  • You can create a business that is both prosperous and that has a positive impact on people around you and the planet we share​


Wishing you much prosperity and fulfilment in your business & life…

x Libby


Marketing graduate

😱 The hair doesn’t really get much better!

Libby Evans and Toby Evans Tankful

All the hard work paid off! 💪 Supreme Winner award at the Northland Business Idea’s competition. 🙌

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