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The Authentic Marketing Strategy Online Course:

Create a marketing strategy that elevates your business to the next level.

Learn how to create meaningful marketing that powerfully resonates with a group of people you are driven to serve, cuts through the noise and positions your business to thrive.


Marketing Coach,

Libby Evans

This online marketing course is made for you if...

  • You are starting a business, already have a small business or you're a sole trader...


  • You are wondering how to do marketing, what you should say in your marketing or how to keep or attract new customers/clients...


  • You feel it’s important for you to be authentic in your marketing approach...


  • You struggle to have the time or inclination to read the top marketing books, blogs, and podcasts (or work out which are the good ones)...


  • You're keen to cut-to-the-chase and get a set of steps of effective and proven marketing strategies...

Whether you are just starting out and marketing is not your forté or you've been doing this a while but are looking for a modern and meaningful approach, this course online marketing course is for you

5 ways things are changing...


  1. Trust is becoming harder to earn...

  2. People are demanding more transparent and responsible businesses...

  3. There is a constant battle to get people's attention creating an over-cluttered marketplace...

  4. The usual persuasive marketing tactics are now working against businesses...

  5. People are choosing to support businesses, brands, and people that align with their values and their desire to make a difference in the world.


And these changes are gaining momentum.


When you know how to position your business on the right side of these changes, you can create a thriving and immensely fulfilling business.


What matters is that you are unique, valuable and meaningful to your people.

This is why these hugely valuable set of strategies in this online marketing course have been carefully selected to help you create the amazing business and lifestyle you desire.

Give your business the best chance to thrive in changing times...​​

In this online marketing course you will learn how to...

  • Create a powerful marketing strategy that builds a strong foundation for your business to grow and truly flourish getting you closer to the freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance you desire...

  • Create a heart for your business, with a higher purpose and values that align your people. This spreads faster than an advertisement about a product ever would (and feels so rewarding!)


  • Be unique and relevant, creating deeper connections and long-term customer loyalty so you can enjoy your rewarding business for the long-haul...


  • Create your story to drive word-of-mouth ripple-effect that money can't buy and enjoy a natural growth that feels right to you... 


  • Select and target a core group of people whom you have the strongest desire to serve...

  • Earn the trust of your market to help convert more prospects/visitors/leads to actual customers... 


  • Use compelling yet authentic benefit-based marketing to create easy-to-use and effective content for your marketing and increase the likelihood of success...

  • Get really energised about your business, have more clarity on your direction and be excited about your marketing!!! 🙌


Is your business positioned on the right side of the change?

“I loved it! There were a lot of light bulb moments. It was really applicable - it wasn’t just what you needed to do, it was how to do it.” 

Anna Kingi, Level Movement

Create a powerful strategy that gets you excited about your marketing...

Six units filled with templates, examples and 'ah-ha' moments..!

You will get access to...




Video Lessons




of Examples


Months Access

How this online marketing course works...

When you join the course you will be prompted to create a username and password. Once you have submitted your order then you will have immediate access.


You can access the course anytime by logging in here or clicking on the link you received in your registration confirmation email. 

All modules will be available to you immediately. You could effectively complete the course over 2-3 days or plan to tackle a module per week for 6 weeks (about 2-3 hours per week) or per month for 6 months.


Each module will consist of 2-6 lessons with a mixture of short videos, insight-generating exercises and examples.

Videos are around 1-9 minutes long. There is a total of 3 hours worth of video over the entire 6 modules. 


Each exercise has templates you can access using Google Docs that give you the flexibility to use your own paper and the templates as a guide, download and print the templates or fill out the templates in your web browser. 

At any time you have questions or require further clarification you can post in the online discussion board for coaching guidance, this feature is here to give you the support and confidence to apply the strategies to your business with ease.

So why is this marketing course so different from the rest???


  • Firstly and most importantly its based on authentic, proven and modern value-based strategies 🥰 which can help you build sustainable growth, not risky techniques that can jeopardise your customers' trust or push you to feel too sales-y...instead you can feel energised and excited about your marketing and this will radiate out to your people helping you create the business you desire!


  • It’s specific marketing for small businesses so relax, there’s no big business theory or big budgets required.


  • It’s made to be as simple as possible with a step-by-step program packed with examples and exercises to help you grasp the concepts and implement them in your business. With over 40 short videos you can play, pause, skip through & learn in your own time giving you the flexibility to manage with your schedule. ​​🙌


  • You can explore the concepts with me, your marketing coach 🤓 in online group discussions, to give you more insights and ideas that you wouldn't normally get from other courses. I don't just give you a login, I am here to actively help you through the journey when you need me.


  • I haven't just 'cracked the code' as so many internet marketers push; I am a passionate, qualified and experienced marketer and marketing coach and have spent most of my 20-year career specialising in small and new businesses...I know what it takes to run and grow a small business! 💪


“This marketing course is really powerful! I have way more direction, I definitely know the message I want to say and who I want to say it to. I feel way happier and more in control.”

Louise Forward, Forward Fit

Why is learning modern marketing so important?


The rules have changed, what is taught today was rarely taught even five years ago.


Today, there are so many ways we can communicate with our market but it is in fact much harder to engage with our people.


Everyone has been over-advertised too. 

We have created a scarcity of trust, meaning advertising and marketing no longer works as it did.

We have fast-moving technology and an oversupply of choice - with 150,000 more businesses in NZ today, compared to 15 years ago - but consumers are also busier and have less time to weigh up the different options. 

Customers are also demanding more responsible and transparent businesses.

They are choosing to use their desire to make a difference to support businesses that align with their hearts and values. 


We can't continue to do marketing the way we use to.


What is needed to cut through the clutter in a shifting marketplace is something that resonates with your audience. Providing generous value, being meaningful, unique and building trust. Creating businesses that are heart-centred and purpose-led.


This creates deeper connections, long-term customer loyalty and a referral-based business that truly thrives. This means you will need to rely far less on advertising, promotions, competitive pricing or sales strategies. And you are more likely to enjoy the lifestyle and financial freedom that a successful business can offer. 👏




A bit about me and why I created this course...


Are you ready to get clarity?

“The clarity I got within the first hour or two was a real eye-opening wow for me. I feel motivated and excited. It’s very empowering.”

Hannah Ffrost, Trail Drop Whangarei


Course outline:

Learn the 6 essential elements of a powerful and authentic marketing strategy...

Module 1:

Your purpose

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. The future of business is all about the heart. Having a purpose to pursue, in addition to making a profit, will attract more people, and the right kind of people, who want to be a part of that purpose.

Module 2:

Your solution

What you solve is more important than what you sell. What is the real problem that your product or service solves? What makes your solution unique to the alternatives? Attract new customers by being relevant to your people by creating or strengthening a strong point of difference that is both truly unique & appealing to your market.​

Module 3:

Who you serve

Trying to target everyone dilutes your efforts and connects you with no one. To succeed in today's environment, meaningfully serve and delight a core group of people. Understand who they are and how you can use this information to attract new customers and the right type of customers.

Module 4:

The value you provide

What value, beyond your actual product or service, do you provide? Translating the things you do and the features your product or service has into real benefits allows customers to easily understand how purchasing from you will improve their life somehow. When you make it easy to see this, it’s more likely they’ll act if what you have is for them.

Module 5:

Building trust

Understand the perceived barriers customers face when purchasing a product or service like yours and what you can do to lower their risk and build trust.


There's safety in numbers. Learn how you can 'show proof' in your marketing to help build trust. 

Icon Steps individual.png
Module 6:

Your story

Businesses spend most of their time marketing the cookie, when it's the fortune that sells. Your story is how you evoke a feeling that drives a connection with your business. Through the manifestation of the above elements you know who the story is for and what the message is, now you need to decide how and where to tell it. .

About Libby

NZ Marketing coach Libby Evans

Hi everyone, I'm Libby!


I am a degree-qualified marketer with over 20 years of experience, 6 as a marketing coach, I am a small business owner, co-founder of a tech start-up and a spiritual enterprise and a mum-of-two. 🤓


I created Thrive Marketing in 2014 because I was frustrated with the lack of ethics in my industry and I saw things were changing. With a more conscious consumer, the usual persuasive marketing tactics started working against companies. And they always felt yuck to me anyway. I wanted to be a more active part of the solution, creating a better world for the humans I love and the planet we share. 🥰


I have always loved marketing but what matters is creating meaningful products, services and communications that truly resonate with our audiences. And creating businesses that have a heart and a 'why'. What I noticed is the businesses that are doing this, are becoming the fastest growing businesses with the best culture and having the greatest impact.

This is real marketing. 💪


And I believe real marketing in small businesses needs to be created by the owner/s. So whilst I continued my coaching and consulting work, I spent over 3,000 hours researching, writing and creating The Authentic Marketing Strategy Course - specifically focusing on the most effective strategies for small business owners. 

I launched the course in 2017 with coaching clients and in small group workshops and now I am so unbelievably excited to be able to help more people through the new online version. 🙌


I strongly believe the world needs this and I am especially grateful to be given the space and understanding to plant the seeds of knowledge and nurture people on this incredible journey of creating and growing businesses. 💕

Wishing you much freedom and fulfillment in your business & your life...

x Libby 🤓

How much does it cost?

This is the bit where most marketers would tell you the value of the entire program is $1,997 (using the 7 at the end trying to make it seem more believable). And if you buy now they will add bonus content and free worksheets, trying their best to manipulate you into buying.

But then, you already know this.


Instead, I want you to join because you know this is for you. 

Your investment is NZ$385+gst and includes 6-month access to all course content, downloadable worksheet templates for over 15 exercises, over 40 videos in 6 modules, and 23 lessons.

I am so excited for you and for you to get your hands on these awesome strategies! 

Are you ready?

Get instant access to content.


After clicking the Join Now button below you will be prompted to create a username and password and submit your order.


An email will automatically be sent with details for you to keep for future use.

Let's do this!
What participants are saying...
digital marketing nz testimonial

“I didn’t have the money to employ someone to do my marketing so I had to learn the skills myself. But I was too stuck in the actual day to day function of my business that I didn’t have time and marketing was all just a blur, I didn’t know where to start!


Doing this course was awesome.


It made me take a step back. I had started my business, so I was already stuck in the grind, but it made me take a step back as to why I was doing what I was doing. And then more focus on my lane, rather than try to please everybody.


So, it gave me massive clarity. It’s really powerful!


I have way more direction and I know what I want. I still need help with the IT fancy side to make it look how I want it to look but I definitely know the message I’m trying to say and who I am trying to say it to, which before it was all blurred.


I feel way happier, more content and more in control.


Marketing doesn’t have to be cheesy, you can be genuine, and still be effective and it’s just a way to connect with your customers and it doesn’t have to be selling something they don’t want to buy.”

Marketing agency testimonal

Melissa Collis, Homeopath & Founder of Soul Nourish, Auckland 

"…I don’t ever want my business to be deceiving or to be perceived as pushy or manipulative.


But I do need to attract clients and… I wanted the knowledge and skills to do it myself no matter what product or service I created or launched in the future. 


I felt like Libby’s intentions are pure and she genuinely wants to help me and see my business succeed. She explained things easily and she makes marketing seem easy.


And whilst I had no clue about how to do marketing for my new business months ago, I now have the skills and understanding to successfully do my own marketing, and although it’s still a little outside my comfort zone, I feel like I’ve got the confidence I need – and I’m already seeing awesome results.”  

digital marketing nz testimonial

Anna Kingi, Co-owner, Level Movement, Mangawhai

"Before I met Libby I had no idea how to do marketing, I thought marketing was always inauthentic and I wasn’t really aware that I actually needed much marketing. But I wanted to get that edge.


So I signed up for her strategy and coaching program. And I loved it! I loved every time I knew that I had a session coming up.


All Libby’s stuff was backed up so I was convinced by it and I didn’t find it difficult understanding how it would work.


And it was really applicable, it wasn’t just theoretical. It wasn’t like “if you engage your customers, they will be more likely to buy from you”, it was more like “this is how you engage your customers”… it was the ‘how-to’.


Libby provided a space for my own brain to go for it, but gave me the structure so that my thoughts were logical…it completely made sense to me.


There were a lot of light bulb moments. The whole experience built my confidence.


Selling wasn’t natural to me but now I can talk to people on the street and feel confident in that.  I would 100% definitely recommend Libby…

digital marketing nz testimonial

Hannah Ffrost, Owner/Operator, Trail Drop Whangarei

"Doing this small business marketing course made me feel really excited and positive about my business. The clarity I got within the first hour or two was a real eye-opening wow for me… realising that my business wasn’t actually about the physical service I provided. It’s about the value, emotion and the impact it has on someone.”


“I feel excited. Motivated and excited to have a purposeful, to have a business that actually has an impact on people. It’s very empowering, it’s empowering to think I am a little person from Whangarei who has this big idea but it gives you that confidence.”


“I would definitely recommend this course to other business owners. It’s focussed on small businesses which I really liked, its based on ethics and values, and the whole planet is shifting in terms of all this sort of stuff; respecting people and their space.”

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