Here’s why it's critical you have a strong point of difference (+ 48 examples from New Zealand a

What makes you stand out from the crowd? What makes you stand out from your competition? Your Point of Difference, or Unique Selling Point, also known as USP, can give you the competitive advantage.

It’s what makes you unique, what you can hang your hat on, what you can claim your stake of the market with and what you use to earn your special place in the mind of your customers.

Many business owners struggle, even after investing in experienced staff or top-notch advertising, marketing and social media strategies. For many it’s a simple case of a) there’s not enough demand for your product or service and/or b) you’ve given your market very little reason to buy from you, over your competitors.

There are plenty of businesses that have tried to create a new Amazon, eBay or here in New Zealand; Trade Me (like Wheedle pictured above). And they have all failed. They have tried to create the same product only better. And yes some of them may have been better. Nicer design. More features. Better functionality. No fees even.

But unless you find a different way to serve, you are just a “me-too” product but without the things that people want; a trusted brand, a buzzing community and all the product listings.

Large successful businesses will not fall to a new competitor doing the same thing but “better”. They usually fall to competitors that approach the same problems from a different angle, a more relevant solution, that makes the existing solution obsolete.