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How to Avoid the Most Costly Mistake When Creating Your Brochure...

For most people, it’s not always easy facing a blank document. 


It can be challenging enough to think about how to get the information down on paper, let alone consider what works to capture people’s attention and know exactly what to say to market your product or service in the best way. Add to this, having to make it look good. Eek! 


The most costly mistake of all...


Many times I have seen small business owners make this mistake time and time again; getting a designer or printer to create their brochure. 


I have great respect for these professionals. Designers have an amazing understanding of balance, colour, texture and ability to make things look professional or funky or whatever it is you’re going for. 


But most designers don’t know what needs to go in a brochure that actually works to sell and promote your product or service. I don't mean creating hype or being sales-y, I'm referring to things like headlines that work, what ‘story’ you need to tell to let them know you get it/you’re unique/you’re trustworthy and by choosing your product/service, you’ll experience these amazing benefits.


How you can avoid this mistake...


In an ideal world you would have a marketer and copywriter work on the content, then engage the designer to make it look awesome. 


But in small businesses, this often doesn’t even come close to being an option. 


The good news is, it can be pretty simple. 


Nowadays, it’s actually more important that you write as you talk, so you can be your own copywriter. And amazing free tools like let everyone become a designer. 


Now all you need to do is think like a marketer. 


Think like a marketer when creating your brochure...


Below is a link to a practical step-by-step process that combines years of learning and refining what works and what doesn’t. Answering these questions will push you to put your marketing hat on. And the difference with this guide is (and everything we do at Thrive) we don’t just tell you what to do or why it’s important, we tell you exactly how to do it. 


So go ahead and work through the steps and enjoy the outcome; a brochure that is focused on truly connecting with your readers, getting your message across and encouraging more people to respond. 


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