What will happen in your business if you don’t practice ethical marketing…

​We live in a world where Colgate uses "Pro-Argin Technology" and MacLeans (Aquafresh) fight for their share with "Triple protection isoactive whitening".

Where Nutrogena has "rice protein micro-sponges" and Revlon has "Photoready Airbrush Moose".

What do these things that even mean?

A whole crock of sh*t is what they mean (excuse the language). Crafty ways to sound like the newest, most innovative, and more unique when the products rarely change themselves.

This doesn’t just happen with big brands. Or the As Seen On TV products. These, of course, are the easy brands to call out, but it extends far beyond the words they use or products they push.

And more of us are waking up to the BS that companies are peddling. We are, thankfully, becoming conscious consumers.

Using marketing to guide a prospect to something they need and will find value in, is smart. Marketing used to imply that you’ll be miserable if you don’t have something, or to grossly exaggerates the benefits, is just plain manipulative.

Because of the general distrust towards marketing, many business owners grapple with the idea of selling their products or services out of fear they are being too pushy or sales-y. But there is a way to market your offering and to grow your business in the process, without being manipulative.

It starts with providing real genuine value. It's about being part of the solution, not part of the problem. It's about thinking beyond yourself and your business.

I call it conscious or moral marketing, but I want to get clear about the definition of this.

Conscious marketing is marketing your product or services in an ethical and moral way. It's not finding a clever way to market to conscious consumers. It's not finding a way to appeal to their values or what they think is ethical or moral. It's not having a sustainability policy because you know your customers would like it. It's not being environmentally friendly to compete with the products that hold that position in the market.

It's being authentic yourself. Thinking beyond the mighty dollar. Not just what is good for business, but genuinely wanting to contribute to your community, to society, and to the planet. It's truly caring, not just saying you care. And that my friend, is good for business.

The difference can be obvious, or it can be subtle, but there is a difference. And it's not a strategic difference. It comes from your heart.

And there is a shift happening.

Being ethical and moral in your marketing is becoming more important as we ‘wake up’ and collectively raise our consciousness.

Consumers crave it, but in the next 5 years or so, consumers will demand it.

Corporates are far from immune to this revolution. Yes, its possibly more challenging, as their first priority is to their shareholders. But companies are run by people, shareholders are people, and people have hearts, desires and responsibilities.

As your customers 'wake up', and you’re not ethical and moral in your approach, then they will up sticks and abandon you. And that's most certainly not good for your business.

If you are helping people feel good (in an ethical way of course); helping them achieve something, whether its reaching their potential, or enjoying their day, even just a little bit, then you are helping the planet.

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about your journey to becoming conscious of your business practices. Does it feel right to you? Is it something you crave from other businesses? Have you been practising this approach for some time or are you just starting out?


Libby Evans is a Marketing Coach who teaches small business owners to create valuable and meaningful businesses and show how extraordinary they are in their marketing. Find out more about her affordable NZ based marketing strategy workshops here.

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