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What position do you hold in the minds of your customers?

Think of it like this. No one is the best at what you do.

They might claim they are the best in the market, but at what? 🧐

It’s more likely they are saying they are the fastest, cheapest or have the best service.

(Many businesses get caught up in competing for who’s the cheapest; it's a race to the bottom. Don’t fall for that trick, you’ll never win. You are better than that! You deserve to be paid well!) 💸

Everyone values things differently. When you decide what position in the market you want to hold, the position where you are number 1, you will attract people who value that part of the market.

For example, if you were a counsellor and there are many counsellors in your area - what is a market you can define where you are the best?

It could be that you are the only one who specialises in relationship counselling with a specific modality that you have trained in.

Are you ready for the authentic part? 🥰

Position yourself in a special piece of the market is not a calculated decision (well not entirely).

It’s not just about finding a gap and filling it.

It’s making sure the thing you do differently is also what makes your heart sing. 💕

That it brings you joy to serve a certain type of person.

Or it uplifts you to work in that particular way.

People can feel it if you are operating from your heart. 😍

Plus it makes it so much easier to get out of bed in the morning and enjoy your journey to success.

So if you can’t define your own market yet then I urge you to get more specific at what you do - specialise in an area or thing that you enjoy more than most and position yourself as the go-to person or business for it.

It might feel daunting at first (what if this turns others away if I stop saying I can help them?) 😬 but trust me, this is what attracts a certain group to you.

And this group of people will feel connected to you, they will feel like you are talking to them.

And this halo’s out to the people around them growing your market in ways you could never have, if you’d otherwise started broad. 💗

So what special part of the market are you number 1 in?

From my heart to yours, x Libby 🤓

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