How to use your story to boost your marketing...

Storytelling has been causing a buzz in marketing in the last few years because it’s a powerful way to build trust. But what works? And what’s authentic?

The Hero’s Story

Many marketers would tell you that your about page is where you should write your ‘hero’s journey’. A hero’s journey is what the typical Disney movies are based off.

In business, it goes a little something like this...

She was an ordinary girl with a dream, something she wanted to change about her world.

In her quest for her dream, she was knocked down, she got back up but fell down again, got back up, and then had one final blow where her dream was almost lost forever. She was living in her car or battling illness or was told she would never amount to anything.

But then she had a life-changing realisation or encounter and gave it one last push, determined to overcome her circumstance. She cracked the formula or resolved the problem once and for all. She's now incredibly successful and is in the position to help you find your way.

The quest for the perfect story that sells...

It’s true. The hero’s story sells. It works because it shows how they started with nothing, went on to become successful and therefore so can you. Not only is it because a good story can sell but because stories travel.

Which is why entrepreneurs all over the world spend a lot of time and money refining the perfect story.

I know many marketing experts who use the storytelling ‘formula’ and have become incredibly successful because of it. <