How to position your business for the change that is happening...

If you had a glimpse of the future your business operates in …what do you think you might see?

There is an extraordinary amount of change happening in the way we "do business" and exponentially more about to happen.

So how do we consciously prepare for how this will affect our businesses and position ourselves on the right side of this change?

But first, we need to understand what’s happening.

We are 'waking up' and becoming more conscious humans demanding more responsible business practices, transparency and prioritising consideration for their happiness, caring for the environment and humanity over the bottom line.

We have become conscious consumers

We have created a scarcity of trust, something advertising and marketing are very much a responsible party for creating.

We have all been over-advertised to.

Companies and brands can say what they want to get our attention and few will ever be reprimanded for any unethical.

We are realising that our governments are not protecting us, they are protecting the corporations who support their campaigns.

Most things marked advertising or sponsored are now disregarded by the conscious consumer.

We know that influencers are paid. Followers on social media can be bought. And the number one restaurant on Tripadvisor was fake but got there by bogus reviews.

Younger generations are growing up and influencing the rest with their progressive way-of-thinking.

Once viewed as over-indulged but merely misunderstood, they are now the majority of consumers, growing into leaders influencing us with their attitudes - giving permission for the rest to follow suit and do what we have felt but rarely acted on.

The majority of Gen Z for example, believe that work and business should have greater meaning than making money.

They want to feel connected, part of a community, make a difference and to live in harmony with the planet - with the ambition simply to be happy.

It’s no longer about climbing the corporate ladder or owning the quarter-acre dream.

In fact, many believe material possessions are simply gaining more liability than they offer. Hence the rise in the sharing economy.

And it’s not just Gen Z and Millennials. More and more of us are opening our minds and becoming willing to evolve, to expand our awareness and do what feels right.

And this is gaining rapid momentum.

Through social connectivity, we now have the ability to form communities and influence the behaviours of society.

Where we can come together based on what we value and use our thirst to make a difference to support people, brands and products that align with these values.

We will only be loyal to those who truly connect with us on a deeper level.

Who are meaningful to us.

Who’s purpose we support.

Who’s values we share.

How does that affect your business?

Get ready for this change to become the norm.


You need to have a purpose and values woven into every fibre of your business that drives you to make a difference - beyond making a good income or having a better lifestyle.

Something that you genuinely care about.

That you can make a stand for.

That excites you and brings you joy.

That aligns with the values of your people.

And that is shared by your people.

This will radiate out to everything you do.

This is your marketing.

The old ways are not working.

The way we do business is changing.

Advertising and marketing no longer work like it did.