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Learn how to market

your business effectively and get more customers.

Whether it's how to do be seen on social media marketing or convert customers on your website, we've got you covered. Get the knowledge to market your business confidently with Online Marketing Workshops...


Authentic Marketing Coach

Libby Evans

  • You’ll get access to tips on tools and resources which help you create your own marketing without needing to be a strategist, writer, graphics designer, web developer, search specialist, or social media manager, making it easier, faster, cheaper while still looking professional…

  • You're more likely to grow your marketing and business confidence with insights, learnings, and support...

  • Just like using a personal trainer, you're more likely to move forward more quickly and reach your goals faster with the extra support...

Get sales faster with 1:1 support


A little different from other coaches...


  1. Libby is an authentic marketer who focuses on value-based and ethical marketing strategies so you can feel really good about the marketing you do. She will never push you to do something that doesn’t feel good.

  2. Libby is a qualified marketer with over 20 years small business marketing experience whereas most marketers spend their careers in large corporations. She didn't just crack the code. She knows what you need to do to make every dollar count.

  3. Libby is forward-thinking. Advertising and marketing no longer work like they use to. Using old school marketing may not achieve the results you desire. If you want to make sure you create long-term sustainable growth you need to position yourself on the right side of these changes.


Marketing Workshop Coaching Packages

  1. Pick and choose form the workshops below - combine 2 or more for a 10% discount.

  2. All workshops are online conducted 1:1 in a coaching setting using Zoom

  3. NZ Small businesses may be eligible for up to 50% of the costs of workshops - contact the Regional Business Partners website for eligibility


Creating or Optimising an Amazing Website that Works


  • What you need on your homepage to captivate visitors and get them exploring more of your website

  • Setting a goal for your site and how to you can optimise your website to support that goal e.g. convert visitors into leads

  • Understand what the most important elements you need on your website are

  • How you can use content marketing (e.g. blogs/articles) to be found on Google (basic overview, a deeper dive can be its own workshop if this is an important part of your marketing plan)

  • Explore lead magnets and pop-ups for getting people to sign up to an email database

  • The importance of creating a landing page to use in your advertising, designed to convert visitors into leads or customers

  • The do’s and don’ts for website marketing

  • Using Google Analytics and understanding the important metrics to observe

2 session (2-2.5 workshop hours and 1.5-2 coaching hours )

Package price $440



How to Use Facebook and/or Instagram in Your Marketing (and in 2020!)


  • How to create content that resonates with your market and is in line with your marketing strategy

  • How you can streamline your content creation process with a content plan (and free tools) to save time and reduce stress

  • Learn top tips like the best days/times to post content, mixing product/service based content with value based content

  • How you can design your content like a pro using free tools

  • How to engage with your social media audience to increase trust

  • How to use promotions or other campaigns to build your audience but keeping with your strategy


2 session (2-2.5 workshop hours and 1.5-2 coaching hours )

Package price $440


How to Do Facebook and/or Instagram Advertising


  • How to get started if this is your first time using Facebook or Insta Ads

  • How to set up a Facebook campaign 

  • How to set-up Facebook audiences to make sure you are talking to the right people

  • How to create Facebook ads (the best words to use, headings, content etc)

  • How to manage and review Facebook Ads (test & measure to optimise the best combo of headline/image/call to action)


2 session (2-2.5 workshop hours and 1.5-2 coaching hours )

Package price $440


How to Optimise Your Website for Google Search

  • The basics of SEO and mandatory elements to be a contender

  • How search engines work

  • How to perform keyword research and integrate this into your website content

  • What you can do on-site to optimise your site for search

  • How to use link building to build you site credibility

  • Create an SEO action plan

  • How to measure your SEO success (the key metrics to look for to make sure you’re heading in the right direction)

2 session (2.5 workshop hours and 1.5 coaching hours )

Package price $440


How to Make Google Ads Work for Your Business

  • How to get started if this is your first time using Google AdWords

  • How to prepare your landing page

  • How to set up your account

  • How to research and select keywords to target

  • How AdWords bidding works and how much to bid on clicks

  • How to write google ads with powerful headlines & converting text

  • How to review your ads performance and optimise the best versions


2 session

Package price $440


How to Nail Email Marketing in Your Small Business

  • Email marketing best practices

  • How to pick the best email marketing tool (if you don’t have one already)

  • How to build a list and segment your database

  • Understanding permissions/laws vs trust and doing the right thing

  • How to create valuable content (e.g. drip campaign for new leads vs newsletters) 

  • How to review results and optimise based on performance 


2 sessions

Package price $440



How to Write Ads, Flyers or Brochures that Work 

  • The 7 most important elements of each ad

  • How to capture the readers attention and get them reading more

  • How to write powerful headlines and why this is so important 

  • How to resonate with your audience and build trust

  • How to use benefit-based bullet points to translate what you do into how it improves your prospects life

  • How to increase your response rate with a strong call-to-action


1 session

Package price $220


Promotions and special offers 

  • How to use promotions and special offers to increase response rate in your marketing

  • Understand the different type of promotional offers and what suits your strategy

  • Creating a sense of urgency with a strong call-to-action


1 session

Package price $220


Creating Referral Programmes and Influencing Word-of-Mouth Referrals

  • Explore different referral programmes for your business e.g. rewards, incentives

  • How to make it easy for people to refer (e.g. creating systems and marketing components to execute the programme)

  • Identifying advocates and leveraging fans


1 session

Package price $220



The In's and Out's of How to Target Locals For Your Local Business


Explore opportunities to increase local engagement and how to go about best using these elements to support your marketing strategy. Local engagement tactics we can explore:

  • Google Local search optimisation

  • Sponsorship

  • Speaking engagements

  • Partnerships

  • Signage

  • Press 

  • Posters

  • Networking

  • Market stalls

  • Local promotions

  • Events, trade shows and more….


2 session (2-2.5 workshop hours and 1.5-2 coaching hours )

Package price $440


Market Research

  • How to get powerful feedback from your market

  • Survey vs customer feedback form vs qualitative interviews - what suits your business best

  • How to validate your strategy and understanding which elements of your marketing strategy (e.g. which benefits, or point of difference) are the most powerful

  • Understand the barriers your customers or prospects are faced with and what you could do to mitigate these barriers for future success


1 session

Package price $220


Re-Branding or Creating Your Brand From Scratch

  • Understand each of the different brand elements and what you can do to successful leverage these in your business

  • How to create or re-fresh a logo that fits your marketing strategy and suits your budget (yes, you can do-it-yourself with free tools)

  • How you can use a slogan to clarify who you are and what you do (if you need to!)

  • How to select fonts, colours and imagery to consistently create a professional brand (we call it a brand guide)

  • Understand the psychology of different colours and which one or two represent your brand best

  • How to use consistency to build trust

2 session (2-2.5 workshop hours and 1.5-2 coaching hours )

Package price $440



All Thrive coaching is offered online via Zoom video conferencing. 


Small businesses may be eligible for up to 50% of the costs for this coaching package - contact the Regional Business Partners website for eligibility

NZ small businesses may qualify for vouchers towards coaching.


Thrive Marketing offers coaching packages that are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund.


Small businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners and key managers.


If you are a business seeking advice and support to help you grow, you may be eligible for up to 50% of the costs for training and coaching, whether it is off-site, in-house, group or one-on-one, up to a maximum of $5,000 per year.

To qualify for vouchers a business must meet the following eligibility criteria. Find out more by visiting the Regional Business Partners website


What previous clients say...

Thomas, Chef-Owner, Lupé Canggu, Bali

“Before I really didn’t know where to start and it seemed all a bit too hard. I had done some marketing courses before and loved what I learnt but I didn’t know how to bring the ideas into my business.


Once I opened my restaurant I was even busier doing everything to stay afloat. But I needed customers, and I need them every day. Libby helped me through the tough times, she clearly knows her stuff, and I could trust her.


Telling our story and designing a business that was unique in a market already saturated by restaurants was something we did earlier on, and it continues to pay dividends. We’re lucky we started engaging with Libby and thinking about these things right at the start, I wouldn’t have this competitive edge if it wasn’t for Libby and her coaching.


Now I have more confidence knowing how to promote our business. And I know that marketing is not something you set up once, although your foundations are so much more important than the day to day marketing, marketing is something that needs to be made a priority on a daily basis - if you give it your attention and priority then you’ll be rewarded.”

Anna Kingi, Co-owner, Level Movement, Mangawhai

"Before I met Libby I had no idea how to do marketing, I thought marketing was always inauthentic and I wasn’t really aware that I actually needed much marketing. But I wanted to get that edge. So I signed up for her strategy and coaching program. And I loved it! I loved every time I knew that I had a session coming up.


All Libby’s stuff was backed up. It was really research-based so I was convinced by it and I didn’t find it difficult understanding how it would work.


And it was really applicable, it wasn’t just theoretical. It wasn’t like “if you engage your customers, they will be more likely to buy from you”, it was more like “this is how you engage your customers”… it was the ‘how-to’.


Libby provided a space for my own brain to go for it, but gave me the structure so that my thoughts were logical…it completely made sense to me. There were a lot of light bulb moments. The whole experience built my confidence.


Selling wasn’t natural to me but now I can talk to people on the street and feel confident in that. I would 100% definitely recommend Libby”

Mandy Lacy, Facilitator and Consultant, Mandy Lacy Consulting

“Before I worked with Libby, I totally underrated the importance of marketing. It wasn’t a skillset of mine – I had dabbled in it a wee bit and got people to my classes but I struggled with time and knowing what to do.


Working with Libby pushed me to think deeper, having a real strategic approach to what we did rather than just writing about my courses. Libby encouraged me to think about what people want to know and what would work for them. This also helped crystalise my own thinking.


After determining our strategies (like my point of difference and benefits), we created a website, tried different mediums and tested Facebook ads. The result was my latest course was full of participants who were primed, engaging and fully aligned with the program. So not only did Libby’s marketing get bums on seats, it got the right bums on seats. 


I was impressed with how Libby takes the time that’s needed to get the basics right first, drawing on her breadth of experience incorporates and small business to tailor strategies to fit. The other thing I was impressed with is her scientific research and how she always shares the latest practices and results. But also the work I had to do myself was significant, and Libby’s coaching helped to think these things through from a marketing (and therefore the client’s) perspective.


Overall I’m most impressed with the quality of the clients who have come through since working with Libby, and would absolutely recommend her to other small businesses (which I have done!).”

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